There are many quotes we hear or read from various mediums – movies/people/speeches etc.
Have we really stopped and thought what each one could mean and how could they help us ?
We often say a quote a day changes the way but what does it really mean?

Well ,I have 7 favourite quotes of mine which have helped me evolve as an individual and I would like to share the interpretation too .

  • Observe and Conquer
    We always plunge into things or taking decisions after which most of the times we regret. Haste makes waste. However none of us really observe a situation. We don’t stop and reflect on what will the next step be if I do that or this.
    Keys to keen observation are :
    – patience ; be in the moment
    – awareness; everything takes its own time
    – acceptance ;life is only what you perceive it to be.To truly understand one’s strengths we must OBSERVE our inner self, our work upon and then conquer the situation. Change the way you observe, and you create a cycle of powerful, potent reality.
  • The Miracle is within you
    We look around for support and magic, but little do we realise that the magic is within all of us. Thomas A Edison said, if we did all the things we are capable of, we would truly astound ourselves. That’s true! We fail to have faith within us. The texture of life is not in the big things we do, but in the little ways we make them mean something. Go out there shake yourself a bit and see all the magic dust fall around you .
  • Everything you want is on the other side of fear.
    This is one of the greatest evils of our lives that break us into a million pieces. Rising ahead of this is one of the greatest things we can ever think of doing. But how long will you let the fear of what could happen and intimidation of might happen, prevent you from achieving what should happen?What stops you from manifesting extraordinary greatness is not what you do, or what you fail to do, but that which you never attempt. Go out there and face your fears, cause you never know till you try.
  • Life is all about values, not valuation.
    Living in the world we do, we forget who we are and where we come from. We start judging people and inturn too get judged on what our net value is. What happens about our values? The ones that we incorporated all our childhood and tried to keep it in tact till our graduation before society influenced us and changed us for good. We as individuals need to stop tagging individuals on their worth alone. Let’s start judging people on what their values are rather than what is their net value. What you say of me ,says more about you than of me .
  • You are where you are because of your habits of thoughts. What do we see common in successful people? Achievement?
    When we want to be something the first step is to already have faith within ourselves and truly be it in our thoughts. If you think you are happy / successful /positive person only then can you be one. Your progress in life begins in your own mind and ends in the same place. If you are in the habit of negative thoughts you are going to manifest a life of negativity within and around you . We must introspect into the habits of our thoughts – good, bad or ugly and work on being a better person mentally. After all change is inside out.
  • Don’t compromise yourself; you are all you’ve got.
    We never really believe in investing in ourselves because we feel who’s going to see us or how does it matter? Just to burst your bubble it matters a lot and the most to you and you alone. If we improve our self-image and accentuate on our assets we would be well equipped to face any challenge. From our external self-presentation to our internal thought process we have to nourish ourselves first and with the best. We need to be so good with what we do and who we are that, for that particular job we don’t turn to anyone else but ourselves.
  • The moment you authorize yourself the world will endorse you.
    One must acknowledge their efforts and success and give a pat on the back time and again for achieving even the smallest of things in life. If you acknowledge that fact in a positive assertive manner that you are good at something, only then will the world trust you for it and endorse your skill.
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