V.S.S. Mani

V.S.S. Mani, Founder and Managing Director, Just Dial Private Limited, is a first generation entrepreneur. A strong visionary and an experienced management professional, he revolutionized the process of searching for information by allowing people to pick up the telephone and call for instant access to a huge database of information. Right from a household requirement to a business need, from leisure to emergency and virtually any vendor dealing in any kind of products and services became just a call away.

Today Just Dial is a household name, a service that people swear by, a service that people use by reflex action. Servicing 240 cities in India the company receives a huge 80 million calls on a single easy to remember number. In the late nineties, when people felt that a service like this exists only in a time window and will be completely obsolete thanks to Internet, Mani believed that even with leaps and bound growth in technology people will still find it easier to pick to the phone and call for information. With the influx of mobile telephony the users only multiplied as it allowed them access to information on the move.

However, with an aim of not denying the due to technology he also infused it in his service by allowing people to search for same information over the internet and today justdial.com receives over 75 million hits from net users looking for information. Just dial services over 3 million establishments by bringing their buyers to them conveniently and with ease. It also connects them to their prospective buyers instantly.

It is a matter of great pride that today Just Dial is about to launch its services in the United States of America and people there are excited with the idea of someone actually picking up the phone and giving them information when they want it 24*7.

From small town of Jamshedpur where he was born to running a successful search engine where people all around the world are taking notice, Mani has travelled a long distance in corporate success. It makes him immensely happy that he is running an enterprise which other than being financially very rewarding, touches the lives of millions of human beings around the world by helping them locate the right source for their purchases at the right time. In his own words, starting from being a sales executive in a directory firm, the journey so far has been possible because of “passion and focus coupled with small and continuous improvements on a daily basis”