Abha Chaudhury
Chapter President

Certified Professional – IMPA

Certified Image Consultant- Image Consulting Business Institute

Abha is an accomplished and versatile professional with a career spanning 25 years traversing diverse fields . Her body of work as an interior designer ,includes heading departments for architectural firms ,executing contracts ,in a consultative capacity and self owned private enterprise .
She has acquired the skills to demonstrate the abilities of an outstanding trainer to deliver interesting and relevant presentations ,provide an atmosphere of acceptance and approval through feedback and praise ,create a participatory environment in large and small group discussions, coach to close the gap between desired performance and actual performance thus facilitating the transfer of training to create business value ,use interpersonal skills that support a positive learning environment, to strengthen relationships, gain cooperation and change attitudes and behavior.
As Voice & Accent trainer and communication coach ,Abha has attained the competencies to help develop a Global Indian accent .,to understand the techniques of voice contouring and articulation, so as to speak in a way that helps to sound friendly, interested and confident.