7 Quotes of Introspection that help you build your personality

There are many quotes we hear or read from various mediums – movies/people/speeches etc. Have we really stopped and thought what each one could mean and how could they help us ? We often say a quote a day changes the way but what does it really mean?

How To Skillfully Make People Feel Important

The most universal trait of mankind- a trait you and everybody else have- a trait so strong that it makes men do the things that they do, good and bad- is the desire to be important, the desire to be recognized. So to be skillful in human relations, be sure to make people feel important. Remember that the more important....

Build Your Brand – Benaisha Kharas

Today everything seems to be branded, so why not build your own brand? If that seems a good idea, where do you start? “Brand” in this context means the impression you make, the way you behave and the image you project. You need a powerful brand to reflect a positive image, and a positive image gives you overall confidence.