IMPA Certification

IMPA certification offers credibility to image consultants. It also acts as a marketing tool for them to build their business and attract clients. When potential clients visit the IMPA website seeking image consultants, the list of consultants will appear as per their certification level.

Completing each level of certification is a detailed process which comes with extensive ground work experience, but the rewards are very high.

The most important benefit of certification is the monetary reward since each new certification enhances the income potential exponentially.

Core Competencies

  • Technical Knowledge – A thorough knowledge of all aspects of image consulting.
  • Professional Development – Skills to apply this technical knowledge on others, either to a group or on an individual basis.
  • Business Management – Experience in the Organisational and Management aspects of running a business.

Levels of Certification : 

IMPA offers four levels of Certification to aspiring image consultants based on their eligibility and competency. The journey from Certified Professional to Certified Master level takes a minimum of eight and one-half years. Each level of certification offers higher credibility and thereby, better business opportunities.

"IMPA Membership is mandatory for IMPA Certification at all levels. Certification is a one time process, however, to maintain IMPA Certification, IMPA Membership has to be renewed annually"