Fashionably stylish……!

Fashionably Stylish

It was a very small party. I did not have the energy, but the weather was the best gift,so despite a long stressful but fulfilling day,I decided to spend my evening with some senior friends. And was I glad?It was a treat to watch women of grace and elegance dressed immaculately. Perhaps not fashionable, but stylish.

Dressing one’s body is an art ……make it count! You should feel good about your appearance and if that happens, you will make others feel good! You may even get a compliment or three! It’s not all about being fashion victims but about being fashion savvy.Know what works for you and what doesn’t. As an Image Consultant I talk of the simple rule of the four A’s of dressing –Attractive, Appropriate, Authentic and Affordable. Fashion to me is my classic chic style,spiced up with a bit of trend. It’s what is congruent and appropriate to my age, role, status, personality, my body silhouette. If it’snot, and my appearance distracts me and the onlookers, then it’s a faux pas.

Fashion disasters don’t happen only on the red carpets – they happen at parties, on streets, at offices, simply because we don’t understand the difference between the two words –Fashion and Style. Yves Saint Laurent famously said “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” Whereas fashion is an art that is notoriously difficult to keep up with because trends change seasonally, style is impacted by much longer-lasting factors. Fashion is social, while style is personal .Your style is what you wear and how you wear it and what impact lingers on in the minds of the people once they have met you. Do they say “Oh she looks attractive,beautiful, gorgeous,glamorous or classy (the adjectives are many!)” or do they say “Oops, what is she wearing?”

What is in vogue may be very attractive but does it make you look and feel attractive? Look at the latest outfit that hangs on the mannequin at the store – you feel tempted to buy it,but you know you’re not at the age or your legs are not attractive enough or your body variations get highlighted when you wear that kind of garment. So appreciate the outfit and move on!

Fashions and fads come and go but what stays is your Style.Do you have a signature piece or style? What is your secret to looking polished? How do you balance new trends with a more timeless look? What are your top tips for looking stylish when travelling? Do you wear sloppy shorts and flip flops……discoloured sweatpants and pajamas, or do you add a pretty scarf or layering for comfort as well as style!!

What is the secret to great style? Beingyourself! Make yourself happy and comfortable! What is your lifestyle -do you need the handbag that screams twenty thousand or stilettos with red soles! Or do you need good shoes with a block or a cone heel so you can be comfortable while at work –working competently and not distracted by the heels that seem to be wobbling as you walk around your work place.

FASHION to me has to answer these three questions before I select a garment: Does it FIT me well? Does it suit my FUNCTION? AND does it have the right FABRIC? So instead of asking “what is fashionably next?” let’s ask the question “what is fashionably best for me?”-It works! Just a matter of redefining fashion – making wise wardrobe choices of what works and what doesn’t work for you.Remember –Fashion is not vanity –it is all about being attractively, yet appropriately dressed for every occasion.Our clothes are a congruent reflection of our clothing values and they don’t have to shout for attention through the brand labels and heavy price tags- money does not guarantee aesthetics! They just have to present a unique person –that’s YOU –in the most fashionably stylish way that’s YOUR’S.

Author : Abha Chaudhary

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