The IMPA conference 2016 was an enormous success. The Director Mr. Rakesh Agarwal kicked off the event with an opening speech by stating the objectives of the association and reflecting upon the Image Management industry’s growth & expected growth in the coming days. It was both stirring and motivating.

IMPA was humbled by the presence of Judith Rasband. Judith’s husband Neil has been seriously ill and yet upon his insistence Judith choose to be with IMPA on this important day (World Image Day – 7th December) and share her wisdom and passion for Image Management.

It was enriching to hear Dr. Adil Malia, Dr. R.P.Singh, Geetu Hinduja and Nupur Chhibber. Masters in their fields, the knowledge they shared added exponentially to to the knowledge base of all those who were present. Questions were invited from the audience leading to some great conversations. There was a special musical treat by Ms. Hinduja.
One of the very few male image consultants Suunil Kini broke the myth that the industry is not gender bias, rather it is equally generous to those who choose to follow it with all honesty. Mihika Bhanot the youngest Image Consultant at the tender age of 18 helped break the stereotype of age defining ability.

IMPA president Mrs. Suman Agarwal spoke of how IMPA is and will continue to work towards development of the practitioners of the trait. Her focus remained on the integration and education of the industry. She emphasized on the efforts put in by those IMPA members, who have in the past years volunteered their skills and time to conduct over 125 charitable activities related to Image, in 10 different locations all over India.

Overall, it was an event full of amazing knowledge sharing, interesting people & great conversations.
Finally we take this opportunity to applaud the enthusiasm and keenness to learn, of all our participants.