Image Consulting is a multi-billion dollar industry abroad and is poised to become a multi-billion INR industry in the next few years in India. Almost the entire urban population understands the need to manage their image in order to have a more rewarding personal, professional and social life.

India is the youngest country in the world and statistics indicate that the average age of the average Indian population will be 29 by 2020. Therefore, this need is heightened as the competition is going to become fiercer by the day.

With this need, the business of image consulting is going to grow exponentially over the next few years. More and more people are looking for image consultants who can help them manage their image better. While a select few look for one-on-one coaching, others look for group programs.

Companies expect their executives to manage their image well in addition to managing the image of the company, which is the key driver in employee retention and profitability.

Retail clothing stores look for image consultants to help buyers buy appropriate clothes for greater customer satisfaction and more sales.

Employee Image Management

Corporations and Institutions are giving importance to employee image management to enhance customer satisfaction and corporate image building. Service industries to whom Employee Image and Customer Satisfaction forms the core of service ethic, are increasingly outsourcing their talent acquisition and employee image management to Image Consultants.

Individual Image Management in Personal and Social Lives

Globalisation and the high reach of Internet and Television have brought greater awareness to the Indian population. This has further led to the recognition among the urban, semi-urban as well as rural citizens that image plays a key role in enhancing their personal and social lives. Hence, these individuals are seeking professional help in Image Management to enhance their personal and social lives.

The applications for image consulting are many and with many individuals and companies realizing the need for image management, the market is in a growth phase.

Individual Image Management in Business Lives

India’s vast population has resulted in the rise of youth as a demographic. By 2020, the average age of an Indian citizen is expected to be 29 years. This results in a large talent pool of youth that is in heavy competition for admissions in reputed academic institutions, the right jobs, promotions and pay hikes. These individuals are turning to Image Management to help them differentiate themselves and create positive impressions in order to meet their goals in their business lives.