Navratri….Loveyatri…..what next?

Yes you’ll guessed it right……it’s IMAGEYATRI!!

With the festive season of Navratri, love being in the air with the release of Bollywood movie Loveyatri this week, one can never stop thinking of presenting your best as well as dressing right for this season.

Bollywood has always been a medium of fashion for the masses wherein most of the latest trends have been picked up from the costumes worn by the actors & actresses in either their songs or movies. They tend to become fashion icons for the latest season based on their movie releases.

Keeping in mind the 4A’s (Appropriate, Authentic, Attractive & Affordable) of Image management, members of Pune Chapter have shared their views through Imageyatri, on the costumes worn by different actors as well as actresses during a Navratri song sequence of a particular movie. They have contributed to thisproject by letting us know which costume and look is best suited to the actor/actresses personality based on the role that they played in the movie, the situation of the song sequence, the year that it was shot, etc. and which didn’t go well.

The articles ahead give us a perspective of the individual consultant’s thoughts & inputs on Navratri dressing and we hope that these tips will help othersin dressingright/aptcoming this festive season & in presenting their best.

-Nikita Sankeshwar Gorde

Pune Chapter Secretary-IMPA

Kae Po Che

Movie:Kae Po Che

Year: 2013

Actor/Actress: Sushant Singh Rajput, Amit Sadh, Rajkummar Rao & Amrita Puri.

Song: “Hey shubhaarambhhoshubhaarambh, Mangalbeelaaayee”

Just as the lyrics of the song, song was picturized on how three friends after much struggle succeed to fulfil their dream of opening their own sports academy and sports shop. And this good news was during the holy days of Navratri. Characters in the song were shown in two different situations, where one was when they were celebrating Navratri by dancing on GARBA beats, other was when they were visualizing their dreams.

During the Garba, they were in typical Gujarati costumes. Rajkumar was seen in kediyu or kurta on the top and dhoti or chorno and Amrita Puri was wearing chaniya choli with minimal jewellery. Dresses worn were Appropriate as per the occasion, were attractive because of the vibrant yellow, red, green colors and beautiful fine thread work. As the characters were from the middle-class background, they were seen in minimal jewellery just bangles which make the complete look affordable and authentic as per the role and goal.

On the other side when they were visualizing their dreams, Sushant Singh Rajput and Amit Sadh were wearing very casual old faded jeans, t-shirt and a third layer in form of an open shirt. Considering the fashion of 2013 when the film was released, wearing a shirt on top a t-shirt was in. Which was seen in the movie as well. As an image consultant, I believe the messages behind shirt as a third layer was to add little authority and discipline to their life which is pocket-friendly i.e affordable. Since their financial status was not very strong, designers’ have selected dull and darker shades of colors. Clubbed with loose denim and slippers makes the entire look authentic, affordable and appropriate. 

-By Kinzel Jain


Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela

Movie:Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela

Year: 2013

Actor/Actress: Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh

Song: “Nagada sang dholbaaje, dholbaaje”

Deepika was seen wearing an Authentic U shaped Red blouse that was made from Gold sequence poly silk fabric with Zari work Embroidery.

The blouse had Red and Golden Brocade with beige Georgette fabric net near the forearm with Red border and Motif work.

A lovely Georgette dupatta with golden work that truly compliments the Ghagra choli.

The Ghagra near the waist had a golden Patti with golden Embroidery on it.

This Red Georgette Ghagra also had Gold Applique and towards the bottom had gold sequence fabric. The bottom of the Ghagra had Green velvet fabric that enhances the overall look of the Ghagra.

The Accessories i.e. Zhumkas, complimented the Ghagra choli in a major way.

This ghagra choli was the Contemporary interpretation of the Kutch outfit. The color used were vibrant and keeping in mind   Deepika’s skin tone.

This Attractive G Choli was approximately 30kgs, designed by Anju Modi. This outfit is longer than Deepika’s height and the ghera itself is Cotton Gauze mulmul with a Silk border and golden work printing hence all these things added to the weight of the outfit.

This outfit has become a style statement during Navratri festival. Although the dress worn by Deepika was very expensive but a common person can use the same combination and make an affordable one.

  • By Priyadarshini Lokhande



 Movie: Suhag

Year: 1979

Actor/Actress: Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha

Song: “O Sherowalli”

The ever glamorous Amitabh Bachchan and sensuous Rekha bring out the colours, patterns and the joyous mood of the festive season in the holy and melodious devotional song  on Maa Durga  “O Sherowalli “. The entire song sequence is a visual delight as we are treated to a perfect combination of colours and patterns.

Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha and their chorus singing and dancing to the tunes of the Garba beat and Dandiya in a temple is the perfect setting for any festive season.  Set in the Retro Era this song highlights bright festive contrasting colors like Yellow, Green and Red in the traditional attires.  Gujarat the land of bright radiant colors and the colourful and celebratory season of Navaratri, is amply highlighted in this song. Giving out the traditional look, this song has the men in kurta pyjama with a neon shade dupatta while the women are colorfully dressed in Lehenga Choli and Chunari. Thus the appropriateness and the authenticity of the dress to the occasion is very clearly brought out.

The epitome of sensuality and beauty, Rekha is in a Red and Green lehenga and an ornate blouse designed with lovely embroidery and lace which gives her an attractive appearance. The dominant color Red grabs the attention which is accentuated to the lips and her Bindi which completes her look. A combination of Red, Green and Golden highlights her features and the whole event.  Rekha’s sensuality is equally complemented by the dashing Amitabh Bachchan in a simple traditional attire – the timeless Kurta Pyjama with Yellow Kurta and Pink Neon Tint Dupatta. His appearance is further accentuated with a colorful scarf around his neck which would grab the attention towards his face. Thus the net effect is a real treat for the eyes.

In a nutshell we can say that the makers of this film have correctly applied the 4 As of Image Management – Appropriate, Authentic, Attractive & Affordable which has indeed increased the festive appeal of the song.

  • By Swapna Sunil Menon





Actor/Actress:Aishwarya Rai, Madhuri Dixit and Shah Rukh Khan

Song:“Dola Re Dola Re Dola Re DolaHayeDola,DilDola Mann Dola Re Dola”

The song is dance duet between Aishwarya rai and Madhuri Dixit, two of the leading actresses of the era and leading actor is Shahrukh khan.

The Song is picturised on occasion of Durga Puja. Both the actresses are expressing the love and ecstasy by their dancing.  The family culture depicted in film is Bengali. Both the actress are donned in white chiffon saree with heavy work matched with heavy work red blouse .They did look simply fabulous in Bengali style drape, representing aptly their culture. The intricate design lines in the saree are characterizing an authoritative look with elegance as a combination. The kundan, garnet and art deco jewellery had enhanced the look of the attire, of both the actresses in the song. The jewellery, hairstyle and saree style chosen was representing the era of the storyline in the movie. Authenticity is depicted in the attire with grand occasion of Durga Puja in consideration.

Overall the Dola re Dola song has made, a remarkable presence in minds of every Indian, till date and every Indian cherishes the memories in Navratri festival, by dancing on the beats of the song in dandiya events.

  • By Brunda Manurkar 
Hum Dil De ChukeSanam

Hum Dil De ChukeSanam

Year: 1999

Actor/Actress:Aishwarya Rai, Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan

Song: “Dholi Taro DholBaaje, DholBaaje, DholBaajeDhol”

The mentioned song is a playful depiction of this pure love pursuit. The song is a family and community celebration of the Navratri festival and stands firm on all the 4 A’s – Appropriate, Authentic, Attractive and Affordable!

The background artists are seen in traditional Kedia, Dhoti’s and ‘pheta’ (turbans) with a touch of both Gujarati and Rajasthani flavors in the outfits – Appropriate and Authentic for the story and song setting.

The outfits worn by the background dancers are well color coordinated. Their dhotis are in shades of Blue, green and Maroon with vertical gold embroidery border to add a contrast. More of blue dhotis are seen used as a complimentary color to the orange of the floor. White Kedia’s are used to create an accent with similar uniform saffron ‘phetas’ to create an Attractive color scheme.

The ladies are seen in bright, colorful and well-coordinated traditional ghagras (skirts) and jewelry.

The leading pair too has been dressed keeping the 4 A’s in mind, dressed according to that time and era.

Light fabrics have been used for Aishwarya, keeping in mind the geographic location and climatic condition of west India. The fabric also gives a soft romantic look as per the character she plays in the movie and the song. A touch of Gujarat reflects in the blouse and jewelry. Aishwarya’s personal coloring of her eyes is seen used close to her face (blue color blouse) and a ‘Triadic’ color scheme is used with shades of red (Ghagra), pink & red dupatta with yellow (gold) used in the border, bangles, earrings and neckpiece. The blue color of the blouse is repeated in the Ghagra and Duppatta border.

Salman is seen in a Red (maroon) Rajasthani jacket with silver mirror work which is matched with silver jewelry (Earrings and Kadas). The attire which is an Indo-western look, is both Appropriate and Authentic as it matches his role as a Non-resident Indian, yet close to Indian traditions.

With broad shoulders and chest, Salman is an ideal body shape most men would vie for; an Inverted triangle!

A typical gujarati ‘Kedia’ would have further re-inforced this broadness and a comparatively narrow waist and lower body. Hence an unbuttoned sleeveless jacket is used instead of a ‘Kedia’ and a dhoti pant is used to counter the narrow lower body.

The entire Image created is harmonious and evident throughout the song that gave the Bollywood industry one of the greatest festival hits!

An ‘Imageyatri’ view!!!!

  • By Shrruti Clarence

Movie: Loveyatri

Year: 2018

Actor/Actress:Aayush Sharma(aka Sushrut aka Susu)and Warina Hussain (aka Michelle)

Song: “Chogada Chogadatara Chabeelatara, Rangeelatara”

The lead pair plays two free-spirited young individuals who come together during the nine-day Hindu festival of Navratri and theydandiya their way into each other’s hearts! If we consider the 4 A’s of Image for this song – Appropriate, Authentic, Attractive and Affordable, the background dancers seem more in sync than the lead pair!

The background group dancers are seen in an artistic mix of Rajasthani and Gujarati work jackets, tunics, Dhotis and full traditional Navratri outfits. Many of the colorful jackets have been paired with Denims and contrasting colored pants keeping in mind the foreign location and the people. Interesting Indo-western combinations have been created with bright colored jackets having mirror work and embroidery (traditional Rajasthani and Gujarati). Exploratory designs have been created with denims having mirror work and embroidery patch work!

The outfits exude an essence of attractiveness, creativity and comfort at the same time.

From a consultants point of view, would have loved to see the lead pair especially Sushrut in similar fusion outfit with atleast one traditional garment. The black torn denims, grey t-shirt and leather jacket shows him more in ‘just off the airplane’ look than a Garbha teacher who has come with his troupe to London. According to his current role, goal, occasion, I would have loved to see him quickly slip into a traditional jacket which would have appeared more authentic.

Michelle is seen in a three piece garment where the striped crop top is close to the traditional pattern however the entire outfit may not totally look authentic to this traditional song especially for someone who may not have seen the movie!

However, her outfit suits her role, goal as a resident of London who has been surprised by her love interest from India with this beautiful and colorful song and performance!

The present younger crowd has identified with the song in totality and this Indo-western fusion is the latest rage this Navratri season! Youngsters seem to be inspired by this song and have been seen experimenting with combining traditional ‘Dhoti’ pants with western tops in solid colors and traditional colorful dupatta’s and traditional accessories.

 A definite trend-setter of the season!

“Loveyatri” from an ‘Imageyatri’ view!!!!

  • By Shrruti Clarence

Movie: Taaqat

Year: 1995

Actor/Actress:Kajol and Vikas Bhalla

Song: “Dandiyakebahaneaajana”

“Power dressing” was always an extremely important and still an integral part of Indian Cinema. It’s just not only limiting to movie Industry now a days but has created an awareness and impact amongst people in a big way. It is scientifically proven that clothing does affects one’s role, goal and occasion.

That was the time (in 1995) when layman had very less sense of “Power Dressing”. Of course, technology these days has made things easy. However, Indian cinema has always been an important source of imagination and creativity.

Let’s scrutinize the attire in this song. It makes us to believe (if we have not watched this movie, of course I haven’t) that it’s a festive season or an occasion of some marriage. Let’s take it as an occasion of Navratri.

The actor’s dressing as per the occasion is inappropriate. This also shows that the character is very dominating who wants to stand out of the crowd or maybe he is trying to be genuine what he is. He is looking attractive though. By his attire he seems rich as blazers of good quality costs huge. Men may turn their eyes from copying as it does not fit in the parameter of “Power Dressing”

Let’s talk about Kajol; the character she is playing seems to belong to middle class. We cannot say that her attire is appropriate as per occasion, however, she is just standing not playing Dandiya can give her benefit of doubt of being appropriate. She seems authentic as she is not flaunting in any way. This is making her more attractive and at the same time by looking at her, it gives way to many girls who dreams to be like, means the attire can be afforded.

Thus, it is said, clothes speak a lot about us and our personality and don’t let others judge you for what you are not.

  • By VeenuPareek

Movie: Lagaan

Year: 2001

Actor/Actress: Aamir Khan, Gracy Singh and Rachel Shelley

Song: “Radha kaise na jale”

The Gujarati village look during the times of British Raj in 1893 has been very well created on the sets of the film with well-coordinated costumes. The song is a part of the Navratri festival in the movie and both actors here are wearing the most basic dandiya attire.

Gracy Singh’s yellow ghagra choli in cotton with oxidised jewellery combined with colourful glass bangles and Aamir’s simple cotton dhoti kurta in yellow & white depicts the village look of those times making it look so authentic.

By being in the same family of colors, the costumes of both the actors are in sync with each other along with those of the background dancers.  By using the analogous colour scheme, the shades & tones of yellow, orange & red orange are very well used in their costume making it look so attractive.

The minimal jewellery, ghera of her ghagra, the dupatta well tucked and managed with a kamarbandh makes her attire most, comfortable and appropriate for the situation. Aamir’s dhoti & loose fitted kurta, single kada in his hand and the cotton mul cloth tied on his forehead, too gives him the similar comfort for dancing. At the same time, their costumes also appropriately depict the look and images of Radha & Krishna which are mentioned in the lyrics of the song.

The design & pattern of the costume along with the jewellery being so basic makes it most affordable during those times & even today. Costumes are thus amazingly planned and designed, keeping in mind the 4 A’s (Appropriate, Authentic, Attractive & Affordable) of image management.

  • By Nikita Sankeshwar Gorde

Movie: Mitron

Year: 2018

Actor/Actress:Jacky Bhagnaniand KritikaKamra

Song:“Kamariya re, tharikamariya”

The movie is about a love story of a Gujarati couple. Jay is born in a middle class values and upbringing who has a unrestrained and take it easy approach to life. Avni is an ambitious, MBA graduate and a strong headed girl.

The outfit is Appropriate for the Occasion that is dandiya and garba. It is also authentic as per the new generation youngster’s attitude. The outfit worn is bold smart and attractive. It is fashionable and affordable.

Kritika has worn a beautiful black blue and red lehenga which is Modern and elegant, it has mirror work on it which makes it glamorous. The outfit worn by her is smart bold and traditional of cotton bandhani print full flared skirt along with a dupatta with a tie up blouse to appear romantic and attractive. She has worn large hoop earrings and bangles in one hand. Jacky’s outfit is a silk black short kurta with sequins design near the buttons with a blue satin sleeveless jacket and black trousers. He is dressed in a casual and traditional attire to appear easy and appropriate for the occasion. Along with his attire he has worn sports shoes to be at ease while dancing for his comfort. Both the actors have coordinated their outfit colors with each other.

 — By Smita Shinde

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